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Whenever the Chinese New Year come, hanging ornament is a must !

        2018-7-27 11:51:08

When Chinese New Year come, many peddlers start selling New Year hanging ornament. There are great variety of products and make people feeling dazzled. You can see the meanings of different New Year hanging ornament : 

(1) There are many New Year hanging ornament with a piece of Jade. In additional to a high-grade of product, it has a underlying meaning, such as Guan Yin,or a Guardian Angel. Some are engraved with Gold of Fortune,as people think that fortune are in the hand of God of Fortune. If you want more fortune, you have to worship it. Jade with engraved God of Longevity is always a New Year Present for the elderly. They wish the elderly to have a long and healthy life.   

(2) Zodiac of every year is different. Their own Zodiac can be engraved as an amulet. Or the Zodiac of the year will be engraved. For example, Horse Jade in the year of Horse represent the horse reaches the work to succeed,wealthy instantly, healthy instantly, etc.    

(3) Jade engraved with fish represent Prosperity through the years.    

(4) Inverted “Fortune” represent the arrival of New Year and the arrival of “Fortune”.  

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