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Before the Dragan Boat Festival, all kinds of rice dumpling and small ornament become popular

        2018-7-27 11:50:46

In ancient time, the head ornament of women were normally seen in the South. Some areas call them as“Healthy people” 健人。This items was originated from Ancient Dangling Ornament or Mugwort figure. 

《Book of Qing Jia》quoted 《Tang Song legacy》saying:“North and South of River, Hairpin is sophisticated. Embroidery Fairy, Buddha, Turtle, Insect, Fish, Monarch of all Beasts, 8 kinds of precious flower, etc. Spider in Crepe, Phoenix and Kirin Tiger in Cocoon, lizard in grasses, spider, Cicada, scorpion, Gourd, Melon, and others. In addition to flap and cover, embroidery ball, Bell in different shape, or linked in a Chain, is knew as damselfly. It is hard to record all.  

In ancient time of Dragon Boat Festival, Figure used for exorcising the evil spirit, is also for decoration. Tiger was treated as mythological creature in China. People normally think that it can exorcise evil spirit and keeping the peace of mind. 《Custom Dictionary》saying:“Tiger is “Yang”/ Masculine figure, Monarch of all Beasts, can take the ghost, ……can exorcise too”。 

Among the civilian, tiger was used to exorcise the evil spirit. Especially, the Mugwort Tiger of the Dragon boat festival. The tiger figure was weaved with Mugwort and Mugwort leaves. It was worn around. Wearing Mugwort Tiger has a history of more than a thousand year in History. Chen Yuan Gui in Sung Dynasty mentioned that “using Mugwort to make tiger figure, is in the size of black bean. Small tiger figure has Mugwort leaves attached to it. Wang Yi Gong poetry stating “hairpin in Mugwort tiger can exorcise the evil spirit. Like driving precious car in the auspicious cloud” 

In Qing Dynasty Fu Cha Dun Chong:“whenever come to the Dragon boat Festival, Skillful girls will use silk satin to make small tiger figure and rice dumpling …… hang it on the hairpin colourful thread. Or put it on the back of kids. Ancient poet mentioned that :‘Jade hairpin with light Mugwort tiger”. In additional to decorative Mugwort tiger, realgar is used to write the word “King” on the forehead. Then the devil spirit will be exorcise. It perform the same function as tiger figure.

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